Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Mrs. Elliot Says It Again:

The Lust for Security

"Once we have set ourselves to be pilgrims and strangers on the earth, which is what Christians are meant to be, it is incongruous for us to continue to insist upon the sort of security the world tries to guarantee. Our security lies not in protecting ourselves from suffering, but in putting ourselves fully into the hands of God. The desire for physical and material security makes us sly and hard. No. We must be like little children. The child in its father's arms is not worried. It lies quietly at rest because it trusts its father.

"We disobey sometimes because we say it is impossible to do what God asks. Impossible? Perhaps what we mean is impossible to do that and keep our security, impossible to obey without tremendous cost, or at least tremendous risk. Where, then, will we find safety? Is it likely that we will find it elsewhere than in the arms of the Father?
Teach me to rest in your everlasting arms. Make me know that all other security is illusion."

This is the real Christian life, in my opinion.  Elisabeth Elliot knows these things to be true. Many, many Christians believe they are walking a life of faith, but they are not. They are still clutching onto their: retirement funds, savings, home(s), insurance coverage, jobs, positions and reputations. Frankly, most American Christians are trusting their money for their security. We even call them "securities." And we call the money the government gives us, "social security."

Would you thrust yourself into the hand of God and accept the loss of all material things? If God does not ask this of you, is it because He knows you're not able to do it? Are you afraid of such trust, such relinquishment? And do you look down on poor Christians around you, whom God has already put through this test, who have passed it better than you could? Rethink your relationship to your money. If you view it as any kind of security for yourself, you're sinning. (Okay, that was harsh. But I think it's true.) Don't be like the world; be like a little child who has no resources except a parent.

I say all this to myself, as well as to you, dear reader.

Money soothes the carnal soul, but it has no place in the Christian's heart. You cannot love both God and money, Jesus said. Give it up. Instead of saving for yourself or your family, store up spiritual treasures in heaven by converting that cash into blessings for the needy. Jesus is reaching his hand out to you, asking, "Do you trust Me?"


  1. Oh my! My cheeks are flushed with guilt and embarrassment...

    MK you really hit this nail on the head. Living by faith is not a statement or words in a hymm, it is a lifestyle, a way of life. Your analogy of a child in it's Father's arms was so correct. Thank you!

    "anything not of faith is sin"

  2. Boy, you've got me nailed! I've always been such a worrier about financial security. It's a really hard one for me. I often think about the song lyics "freedom's just another word for nothin' left to lose." There is freedom in not worrying about things, or whether my IRA went up or down today....I'd like to get there, I really would!


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