Monday, August 15, 2011

For Anna

Fly away, precious one,
To bluer skies and better wind
To balmy bays and sun.
Forget the weary, bitter travels
We have led you on.
Fly away, little one.
Where are you going?
Ascend, ascend! See
Beyond the ridge tops,
Above the clouds,
Something of beauty.

Aug. 15, 2011
copyright by the author


  1. Love this, MK!! It could very well be written for my daughter when she moved far away to VA to teach after she graduated from college.

    ~karen s. (Wisconsin)

  2. The Lord has allowed those "weary bitter travels" in Anna's life as she's been your daughter in this world. When Daniel left for Geneva - first born - I thought I would die - literally didn't know if I would make it. Sobbed uncontrolably every a.m. for 7 days running. The 8th day, Hans and Gretchen were here and I was able to pour my heart out to them. Then I was fine...well, there were and are still moments (and he is 24 and married). But I remember having so many regrets regarding parenting. But Jim said - Daniel wouldn't be who the Lord has made him to be if anything had been different. He is a godly young many ready and already ascending "Above the clouds to something of beauty". They all are - Jim and I are still here - keeping the home fires burning for ourselves and every precious visit home from our children. The Lord has made Anna who she is through it all. In the LORD - you will be ok and so will Anna! But ONLY in the LORD! Not in and of ourselves. May He give you peace and joy beyond all imagining! Be comforted - Love you, Sharon

  3. What a precious send off. Oh, her adventure is before her and she's equipped with love.

  4. What a fine poem. We are sending off our youngest to AZ in just two days. Bittersweet.


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