Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Anna Flies the Coop

Yesterday was the big day. Let me just say that there are some differences in taking a daughter to college, rather than a son.  You hang around, ooh and aah over the decor, sit with her at lunch, make her bed for her, chat with her roommate's parents, walk her around the campus to meet all the people she needs to talk to, escort her through the registration process, and order all her books for her online. You only are allowed to leave after she gently asks, "So, Mom, when are you leaving?" (With Philip, I think we dumped his stuff on his floor and hoped we'd get a hug before we left!)

Here's her dorm floor. I know it doesn't look like much, but do you know how it warmed my heart to see -- all over the walls and doors -- Scripture verses, encouragements to pray for each other, reminders to have devotions, etc.? Even a prayer room on the hall? What difference from a state school! This isn't an attack on public schools, just a noting that there is a difference.
Their room is rather large for a dorm room, I think. Here it is, in chaos. Anna's roommate's parents were busy organizing, as were we! Anna was all smiles, all day. Do you see the big white trunk, under the bag, in the middle of the room? We were wondering where we would put it.
Anna's desk. Sorry for the fuzzy. Notice her aloe plant on the shelf. His name is Socrates - haha! See what I mean about all smiles? She's even grinning about bookshelves!
Anna and Moriah. They're adorable. Both of them have HUGE hair. I shudder to think of their shower drain difficulties. Please take no note of the two mommies in the mirror. Isn't that classic? Behind any two smiling college freshman girls, there are two busy mommies in the background.
The shelves later. Anna's on her laptop.
Their closets are extremely roomy. But Anna needed a little boost to reach her top cabinets ....
And, the trunk! We finally put it between their desks, and it looks right! Good fit.
The closets. There seemed to be room for everything in there. The trunk itself almost fit on that shelf. And I love it that they have their own sink.
That's all for now! She's doing the whole Orientation thing this week. Wonder when she'll come home for a visit? Probably a month or two.


  1. Aw - brings back memories. Only Mama came with me to drop me off at Covenant, but I didn't want her to leave and cried when she did.

  2. It seems like a big room to me! But then, I went to college before they had to start fiercely competing in the accommodations department.
    I know you will miss Anna!

  3. I like seeing those happy smiles on Anna's face. Nice room!

    My last bird flies the coop on the airplane tomorrow. We'll kiss good bye and hope to hear from him when he's landed and on his adventure.

    God bless your mother's heart.


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