Sunday, August 21, 2011

On the Town

Each Friday Mother and I go grocery shopping, and, um, other-shopping. We have a pleasant round of resale shops that we frequent. I noticed these appalling pierced earrings at one store and just had to share:
Just down the street is a wonderful toy store, and they aren't afraid to leave their fun stuff out on the curb for their customers to enjoy. Here's their bear, an old friend. He sits on the bench, enjoying the summer sun.
These soldiers have been outside the toy store for many years. I have older photos of all four children, lined up beside them. Last Friday, it was only Julia and Philip, but I had to get a picture anyway, for old time's sake. Julia bemoans the fact that she is "tail-end Charlie" in our family line-up, and there are many, many photo albums with the other three children, and not her. By the time she was very old, I had started taking digital photos, and although I have them on my computer (usually), I don't make hard copies. Philip is holding a bag of the world's best English muffins from the local bakery, and sporting a beautiful blue vest his grandmother got him for a dollar :) We do love our deals!

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