Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Blogasbord Bites

I'll begin with a Youtube video of a Christmas piece, "O Magnum Mysterium," that I sang a couple of years ago with the community chorus. So, so gorgeous. Just close your eyes and enjoy:

Now, in no particular order:

Would you have acted differently than Joe Paterno? This article addresses some of the issues I posted about last, regarding the Penn State scandal. Most interesting are the explanations by professionals for why normal people don't report abuses.

Ann Coulter on the Herman Cain allegations -- I'm not always a Coulter fan, because she's a bit caustic, but she gave some additional information here that you'll never hear on the mainstream media, like that all the accusations against Cain have come out of Chicago, a city where he's never lived, but where all Obama's best political hit men reside.

It's not honey, honey -- All you real foodies out there already buy your honey as raw and local as you can, but for you normal folk, read this before you buy your next bottle of Sue Bee (or whatever major brand). It's probably from China. And it's probably not really honey. Sigh.

Drugged, and in the ER -- This was a shocking piece of news. How many Americans do you think end up in the ER each year, after having been unknowingly drugged in their beverages or food? Yet another good reason to avoid wild parties :)

Boy, do I wish I had something more cheerful to add here, you know -- a dessert on the blogasbord, as it were. I'll keep my eyes open for happy news this week!

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  1. What a gorgeous piece of music. You were blessed to have sung it. That doesn't look like Westminster to me, though.


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