Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Fam on the Farm

This post will be pictures of family, so if you're not interested in all that, this is your clue to click away!! To begin:
Anna, Hannah & Katie. And Philip's fingers.
My mom and dad. Must've been breakfast.
Hannah and her dear mom, Anne. They're both still smiling, so this must have been an early pic. Ann is the one who organized all the holiday, hosted us in her home, and cooked pretty much everything. For about 30 people. I hope she's sitting with her feet up now!
My mother, with her littlest grandbaby, Liberty Margaret.
A very happy grandmother, with Courage and Abraham. I must say, both these little boys are absolutely adorable, and I wanted to squeeze them both to death, but I had to refrain, being only an aunt. Plus, I didn't want to scare them to death.
Anna holding Liberty Margaret.
We ate down at Max & Anne's church, and Adam helped in the kitchen. He made a turkey breast and the dinner rolls.

My dear sister-in-law, DeVona. She brought a couple of pecan pies, a huge yummy broccoli salad, and a wild rice dish. And she still has a smile on her face too!
Adam, with a daughter and two nieces -- Hannah and Patience. I think he still doesn't realize that he's not a teenager anymore!
My brother Marshall and our daddy, waiting on the meal:
Patience, Katie & Anna. All these beauties are olive complexioned. Each of my siblings (and myself) seemed to have at least one olive-toned child, and at least one very-fair, blondy kid. It's so fun to watch all the cousins together, and compare and watch them. They are all -- each and every one -- great kids.
Anne -- she's still smiling!!
Liberty Margaret with her big sister, Mercy. That's William back there, and I promise, he's not usually that grumpy. I think he must be hungry at this point :)

I think this is the only picture I got of my brother Mark, so I'd better put it in here! He was nearly the first one to leave and head home.
There'll be another installment of people pictures, but this will do for now.

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