Friday, November 11, 2011

Lovely Fall

I've been wanting to share with you this pic of a butternut squash. We picked it out of Mother's compost heap. I love the swirly meandering of its dried vine. The tomato is lovely too; we rescued it when it was green (along with a couple dozen others) from a neighbor's garden just before the first freezing night. Wrapped in newsprint, it finally ripened.
I'm staying at a neighbor's house with an elderly lady who can't be alone. I took this picture this morning, first thing, from a downstairs window, so the quality isn't great. But I love the double reflection of the sun -- it shines on the setting moon, giving it a subdued, wispy glow, and it shines on the window at Pisgah Inn (can you see the glint, along the mountain's spine?) giving a brilliant, piercing block of light for just a few minutes on a clear morning. How differently the sun's light affects these two objects, at the same moment, in the same sky.
The same sky, taken last night just as sunset:
Our neighbors have such a nice fireplace with instant gas logs. Ahhhhh ....
Julia snuggled down to her school work here very comfortably.
And I've been catching up on some neglected knitting.

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