Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Mole, Ratty & Toad at the Lunch Bunch

Wednesday is knitting/crocheting day, so the Traveling Threesome came along. I'm afraid Toad was rather bored with all the "ladies' stuff" and Ratty is missing his river.
Hunter is getting very serious about the Christmas afghan. The colors are so luscious.
Ginny is making a little doggie coat for her granddog.
After knitting group, a bunch of us ladies went to town and gathered for our church lunch together. We do this each month. I took those Three Travelers along. They were in the "center" of things, of course:

That's our pastor at the other end. He doesn't usually come to these ladies' events, but his wife brought him along. The fellows in the centerpiece were glad to see another man in the group.
A few of my favorite people: Beverly, Mother, Judy and Hunter.
After lunch, several of us went to visit Charlotte's Fibers, one of our favorite (and exceedingly dangerous!) haunts in town. Toad was exhilarated to discover we were visiting a dangerous place! How disappointed he was when he found out it is only dangerous to our pocketbooks, because the yarn is soooo beautiful and tempting to us knitters and crocheters. He let his guard down, unfortunately. Soon the resident doggie at Charlotte's, Sophie the Greyhound, came to investigate the new animals in her shop. The Threesome were resting happily on Mother's shoulder, but as soon as Sophie sniffed them, Toad leapt down to the floor in his terror! Mole was frozen in place. Ratty, of course, kept his cool. They clearly needed Badger along to give them courage!
Sophie is such a dear!


  1. Aren't they having a ball, an education, a super time?! How festive and lovely!

  2. How fun! I bet they loved their view from the center of the table! Everyone is so nice to make them feel so welcome!
    I will get the California address to you very soon!
    I KNEW they'd have a rip roaring time with YOU, MK!

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