Saturday, November 19, 2011

Yarn Heaven

Sometime in September, a friend sent me her yarn because she was cleaning out. Yippee!! This friend, Madeline, is a classy girl. She does interior design work, and she has something that some of us don't have. Some of us have better luck closing our eyes before we reach into the closet for our Sunday attire, rather than trying to match color, style or texture. Madeline has style. I'm usually afraid to go beyond black, gray, dark blue or (maybe) green. Patterns and frills in clothing are dangerous territory. But when Madeline buys yarn, she buys fun stuff, as you'll see.

I'm starting another scarf, this time red. This is a bumpy, deep red yarn. I like to put my yarn in a ziplock bag, and just let the end string out of a corner. It keeps your yarn from running away from you under the couch.
This is a gorgeous skein, sparkly and just a little nubby.
I love the deep velour feel of the yarn on the right. It would make a nice scarf too. I want to match it with the one on the left. Its color isn't really coming out properly in this photo; it's not that orange, and it matches the other yarn beautifully. I want to try the flower in that one.
Madeline gave me quite a bit of "eyelash yarn." Isn't this delicious?
See why it's called eyelash yarn?
Here's another scarf combo I want to try.
More eyelash
These are some cool yarns! A little wild for my taste, but they do look sunny in this gloomy November weather.
Here are two more red choices. The left one has a felt feel, and the right one is fuzzy and soft.
This is probably the craziest yarn she gave me. What to make with it? I don't know, unless I decide to knit an owl!! Hey, I wonder if I could ....
Here are just a few more. Gold, bulky felt, sparkly red, electric blue --

I really, really love this felted yarn. There are four balls of it.
And all this is probably only half of what she sent me -- amazing! I have yarn for years, I think.
Madeline, if you're reading this, many, many thank-you's for all this wonderful creativity! I'm enjoying it so much.


  1. Yarn is so beautiful these days. My mom knitted all the time. I tried when I was young but didn't get the hang of it. We knew Mom's Alzheimer's was worsening when she couldn't finish her rows. Today, a lady at the yoga studio offered to teach me to knit, and I'm going to take her up on that offer.

  2. She DID send you some fun stuff! I can't wait to see what you do with it all!

  3. What a treasure store...and you are already making good use of it. It was the perfect wintry pre-Christmas gift for you!


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