Saturday, November 19, 2011

Julia Models

Well! Here's the purple short scarf:
Julia loves it. Unfortunately, it's for Christmas, so back into the bag it went, waiting to sit under the tree. My kids are used to this with me, and Julia hardly whimpered.
And here's the shawl I was working on before I got off on the flower kick. This is knitted. I wanted a very lacy, light pattern, remember? She wanted a pink edge (crocheted). It's a small shawl, but it stretches out beautifully, and it has a neat diamond pattern faintly visible.
Also a Christmas present. The economy will make our Christmas lighter this year, so I'm glad I can make these items to go under the tree.

A couple of friends have asked about buying the scarves. What is a good price? I have no idea. $10 seems too little, so maybe $15? Is that reasonable? I have lots of fun yarn, so if you have preferences, please email me, and I'll see if I can suit you and get them done in a timely manner.

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  1. oh such FUN all that eyelash! :) I'd check Etsy for they are on there for $20 and up. Also, I totally think you should sell your handmade soaps and knitted could call your shop Handmade Yoaps (Yarn and Soap put together) although I'm sure you could come up with a much better name! :) You could also put your sweet little watercoloring masterpieces on there too, I think they are sweet!


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