Tuesday, November 29, 2011

November Tomatoes

I think I mentioned before that we rescued some very green tomatoes from a neighbor's garden, just before the first frost. We wrapped them in newsprint and put them in a cool place, and checked them often.
Here's one of the last few tomatoes. I took this picture before Thanksgiving. I tell you, these tomatoes were as tasty and beautiful as if they'd ripened on the vine. My mother likes a nice thick slice of one for breakfast, on top of her egg and toast. She says she's sad that they're just about gone. The last two little ones are on the window ledge.

I think red summer tomatoes are a wonder. But red summer tomatoes in November? They are a miracle.

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  1. I quite agree! I think they give a shot of summer to the person who appreciates them, too!
    I'm ready for your "A Childlike Christmas" post tomorrow! Can't wait to read them!


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