Thursday, November 10, 2011

Mama Spa!

Hi friends! Sorry to be AWOL for a day -- I've been busy. Just wanted to catch you up on the ***FUN*** I had on Monday evening. I went to a homeschool friend's home for a "Mama Spa Night."  Meet Nicola:
She's wonderful! She invited the homeschool moms over to be pampered and treated to all the great products she uses and sells for Beauty Control. We did our hands and our faces and even our lips:
Yes, our lips! All these ladies shall remain NAMELESS.
Especially this one. Isn't that gruesome-looking? But I'll tell you, our lips were soft, moist and kissable when we were done.
We pampered our feet too. So much fun! Beauty Control products are great, and Nicola is the BEST! Thank you, friend!
Right now, I'm spending a few days sitting with an elderly friend, so I'm not at home, but I'm certainly enjoying myself here.


  1. Boy, am I glad that I just had my embarrassing fuzzy slippers on and not that white stuff on my lips! But you said it right girl, your lips will be soft and oh so kissable! :)

  2. Bless you, MK! I hope your time of sitting with your elderly friend is sweet and holy.
    Cute picture! I love your rosy shirt! I like you.


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