Friday, November 18, 2011

More Flowers, More Scarves

For those of you who are in the throes of winter and are color-starved, here are some nice warm flowers from a friend's dinner table arrangement. Can you feel the morning sun shining on them? Imagine your chilly winter face, basking in that light.
These flowers have been in her house for at least a week, and they still look great. Isn't this one fabulous? The sunshine looks like it's bursting out of its center!
Here's a better picture of yesterday's scarf. You could also pull the whole flower end through the hole, making it tighter around the neck, and letting the flower hang down.
So here's the new scarf I've started. Much brighter, yes? I put the white flower pedals in the back this time, so that they would contrast with the scarf color and make the flower pop out more. These are so fast! That's why I love crochet; these projects are lickety-split, whereas knitting takes a coon's age.

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