Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Last week when the girls and I went to Grove Park Inn, we also took some time to visit Grovewood, the artists' community right next door. But before we leave the Inn, here's their festive wreath, from the front porch:
The buildings at Grovewood are old like the Inn, and you know how I love old houses! Ivy-covered, time-weathered. There's a little cafe, a large shop that sells everything from pottery to textiles, an antique car museum, and a living history type museum with some metal workers, wood workers, and someone who demonstrates weaving. (Why, oh why did I not get a photo of the huge loom?)
Sigh. All that artisan stuff is very nice, but to me -- this is true beauty. An old house with mullioned windows and a cool roof line.
One more shot of the Inn. I'd like to stay a week in one of those little rooms under the eaves.
Outside the cafe is this comical crow with a golf ball in his mouth. The Inn does have a course. However, I think I'd be more interested in the "courses" at the cafe!
It was hard to capture these fantastic wind ornaments along the walk; in the camera's eye, they just blend into the trees. They were amazing, swirling and dancing in welcome.
I was drawn to the shop with all the fabrics. Shawls, bags, scarves and hats abounded. Look at these felted purses with a mock stained glass pattern:
This pic is too dark, but I loved this shawl. Not exactly sure what the fabric is: soft, not woven or knitted, with mottled colors.
And this is such a cool piece! So creative! It looks like it's flat against the wall, but actually it's a corner cabinet. Adorable!! You can't see it well, but there's a tiny shelf on the bottom, and a little mini wooden acorn sitting on it :)
This clock is in the Inn. They have quite a few antique clocks.
Another old clock in another wing had this inscription on its door.
"'Tis a mistake -- time flies not.
It only hovers on the wing.
Once born the moment dies not.
'Tis an immortal thing."

And I cannot resist a few more photos of gingerbread houses, particularly this one. It's a sewing machine, complete with a bowl of notions and little mice, no doubt making a mess for the unlucky seamstress. Remember -- all of this is edible, candy buttons, candy ribbon.
For those of you enjoying some snow this morning:
This house was so elegant.
Beautiful! Love that roof line!

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