Thursday, November 3, 2011

On Keeping Up with Old People

Phew! Today I took the day off! It's hard to keep up with these retirees, y'know?
They are so busy all the time, because they don't go to work anymore. It's enough to wear out a middle-aged person! Each day there is some little, relaxing, friendly meeting or event to go to. They're all lovely. You don't want to miss a one. But, bundled all together, they will wear you to a frazzle, as my dead grandmother used to say.

So yesterday evening, on the way home from church (which nearly spent me entirely), I told Julia that today, I was taking the day off. (She said "hooray!!!")

So I did. I spent most of the day with my feet generally in this position:
I slept in late, read some Angela Thirkell and giggled lightly, ate breakfast late, edited one small chapter of my children's novel (which remains in progress; don't get your hopes up), watched the Ciaran Hinds version of Jane Eyre that had arrived in the mail from Netflix, and am now enjoying the aromas of supper wafting up the stairs. I informed Adam last night that he was in charge of supper today. Sweet guy :)

There's just too much fun going on, but I don't have the emotional energy for it, all the time. Besides, I need to save up for the whole holiday season, because I don't want to miss one tiny bit of that fun!!

Julia had an "art day." I haven't been as diligent as I intended about giving her time to paint and draw, so today we made up for it. Besides, she's reading Robinson Crusoe, read "Rip Van Winkle," earlier this week, and is memorizing Milton's "When I Consider." When it's time to worry about her falling behind, I'll let you know -- heehee! She found Jane Eyre "creepy," so her Gothic-meter is in good repair.

Tomorrow I must go to town with my mother for the day to shop. I need a good night's sleep; she's tough to keep up with!

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