Monday, November 28, 2011

More Family Pictures from Thanksgiving:

For those of you who know my family, and miss seeing their smiling faces:
Here is One Hungry Boy. Oh, how patient he was!
I sat next to him at Thanksgiving Dinner. He loves stuffing.
Adam, the master meat-guy:
Four lovely ladies in the kitchen: Anne, Hannah, Faith, DeVona
The groaning board:
Julia knows I'm taking a picture. She has a nose for it, and thus her hand is gracefully over her face :) These four cousins were all born in 1999: Nathan, Justice, Julia, Clark. Well, actually Clark missed it by one day, but still they call themselves "The Ninety-Niners." Isn't that fun? They played together the whole time.
There were some happy, satisfied teenage boys around the Thanksgiving table.
This was Adam's plate. Note the preponderance of browns.
This was Anne's plate. She is a farmer. Note the abundance of color. Hmm.
Faith has her hands full with many children, but she found time to visit and play. She rarely has a dull moment!
Max and Marshall. Max is the farmer whose home and land provided this wonderful holiday for us. (I will note that several of us brought along pies and cakes and other things, to help in the Great Feeding!)
Adam, goofing around with teenage boys. This is his olden-days quarterback pose. Peter is a bit tall for a receiver. William is thinking, "They're crazy."
All these cousins are in upper-elementary. We really packed them in!
After the meal, we all went outside for pictures. Philip, with his fancy-shmancy camera, tripod and timer, took the "official" photos. He'll have to mail them to me.

Mark, Faith, and their children: Patience, Justice, Honor, Mercy, Courage, Grace, and Liberty Margaret. That's a lot of virtue for one family.
Julia, Clark, Honor, Justice:
A partial gathering of the clan, before everyone got there:
Beautiful Katie Dee:
Anna and Hannah. I will avoid posting the old photo of these two as baby girls, playing together in a rain bucket in their diapers.
Slowly, various family members peeled off and returned home. The morning we left, here are the kids that remained:
Here are the kids, with the grandparents. I tried for one, full group picture, but some of us ran out of patience for picture-taking, unfortunately.
And I would be remiss if I did not include a photo of Anne's famous waffles! And, I'll have you know, on that plate are eggs from their own chickens, whipped cream from their own cow, and all berries grown on their farm. Yum!
Many, many thanks to all who came, and to Max and Anne and their hard-working kids, who quietly, happily entertained and fed us. We love you and are so thankful for you!

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