Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving on the Farm

Allow me to share a few pictures of Max's blueberry farm. About 30 of us spent Thanksgiving together here.
Here's the square farm house:
Here's the big red barn:
Here's the cool, antique farm equipment, rusting gracefully:
And here's the thousands of blueberry bushes, lovingly cared for by the farmer:


  1. What a beautiful spot, and just perfect for a Thanksgiving celebration.

  2. lovely pics and what a beautiful spot to celebrate Thg..... Liz

  3. Pretty!
    I'm glad The Three have arrived!
    I think we should skip the leaves/other nature stuff requirement because we shouldn't send our plants overseas. I'll remind the rest of the American hosts.
    Have fun with those adventure seekers!

  4. Oh, the blueberries! I just read Blueberries for Sal to little Scout at Thanksgiving so they are fresh on my mind.


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