Sunday, November 20, 2011

Scarf #3

Here it is! I finished it this evening. My only complaint is that (again) the color from my camera isn't quite right. I may take another photo tomorrow, outside in good sunlight.
The red is a rich, deep blood red with no orange in it. And the green is more greeny and not blue.
Love the brown sparkly yarn on the flower. It makes it really stand out.
What I like about these scarves is that they're not forever-long, and draping down your back. They stay in place, and they function almost like a snugly collar. If you had a winter sweater that left your neck bare, this wrap would keep you neck warm and look pretty.
Great Christmas colors! It's for sale!


  1. Beautiful work and nice style too.

  2. I would like to buy just some flowers. I'm thinking of attaching them to barrettes or headbands or pins to adorns a little girl's hair or jacket...

  3. Very cute! I agree, long scarves are annoying. I can't stand it when one side slips down and pulls the other side up.


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