Tuesday, February 21, 2012

And Then There Were Two

We four (well, five, if you count Sandy :) went for a walk in the twilight the other day. I asked Peter and Julia to stand on the huge stump. Why does Julia like to do that "Please don't ask me to do anything!!" look?
We only have two kids at home now. Very soon, it will be only Julia. Sniff! I knew they would leave in a flurry of activity, and then suddenly I'd be an old lady. It's happening! I'm so, so glad I had one more baby. It took me two years to convince Adam we should have one more, and then we had Julia. I'm glad I'll have her around for another five years. I'm not ready to be all done with mothering yet!

Of course, even the college kids need mothering -- just not quite as much, or quite as often. I talked with Philip recently; he said he's having withdrawals from my spaghetti sauce. Isn't that sweet?

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  1. Sweet, indeed! No pictures of the Sheltie golden girl? Wah!
    I'm so glad I had four, too!
    Lots of grands are in your future, MK!


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