Sunday, February 26, 2012

Church Flowers

This morning, look what surprised us as we got out of the car, at church:
Aren't they glorious! Crocuses are so elegant, cups of color, receiving the light.
I've already shown you the phlox. They're still showing off.
Mother took flowers to church this morning as well. She chose her camellias. With their deep red blooms and dark foliage, they remind me of Christmas. The rustic vase beneath was made by my brother Max many years ago.
Just in case you're wondering, we're so excited about all the book publishing going on around here. Three Against the Dark has sold 25 copies in 2 weeks, with 5 additional downloads. My small book of poetry, A Familiar Fire, is free at Smashwords, and has 6 downloads thus far. It's just there to increase my readership and spread out the name recognition. I'm also finishing another novel, this time for grown ups :) It's called Greenfield Civil Wars. It's about small town Presbyterian church goings-on, a light piece of humor and satire, and all fun since those are the circles I grew up in, and love. I'm having so much fun writing!


  1. This is so exciting! Very inspirational indeed! Still working out the download thing, so no reading accomplished yet- may go straight to Amazon and get another copy straight on to Kindle! That'll help with statistics even a little!

  2. I haven't seen any crocuses yet -- other than these! Here, we had a run of temps in the high 70's, but are back to more wintry 50's now....


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