Sunday, February 5, 2012

Feelin' Like Spring Out There!

Today, the Great Outdoors were screaming at us through the window screens: "Come out here! It's gorgeous! Why are you sitting, staring at a screen??" So we went for a walk. Now, nothing much is blooming yet, but the temps are right, oh, are they right! Mother's little girl looks like she's ready for a weather change.
The birds know. For the past week, Adam says they've been singing up a storm each morning.
Julia came along. And Sandy. Sandy never misses a walk.
Underfoot lie last year's trees. They are pathetic and we look on them with a jaundiced eye. Ugh! Why don't you go ahead and decompose? Poor things. I think they're beautiful. Yesterday's trees. Tomorrow's soil.
A few feet away, the rhododendrons are bursting toward blossom.
Julia and Sandy discovered a hiding rock. Julia says this would be a great location to stage a highway robbery. I'd better notify the neighbors.
I think Sandy enjoyed herself. Happy Monday morning, those of you who are reading this with your coffee tomorrow.

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