Saturday, February 4, 2012

Wrapped Up in Love

Our local yarn shop is helping a local charity. Knitting ladies bring in squares (about 7"x7") in various colors. The idea is to assemble them into afghans to donate to the charity, which helps those suffering from domestic abuse. What a great idea! The yarn shop has bags of squares, but not enough people to assemble them. So I picked up a few bags this week, and started the work.
This first one is a child-size, and I used a broad assortment of colors and sizes -- kind of the leftovers. When you meld it together with the edge stitching though, it all comes together. I like it! I like this enough to make one (or two) for my family too, later.
I have a lot of red squares. This will be a solid red afghan with black trim.
This will be a larger afghan with all three colors.
These projects are so fast, and they're for a great cause. If you live around here, go to Charlotte's and get some squares! We need your help.

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  1. What a fun idea -- for a while I gathered with some ladies to knit just one pair after another of a simple bootie pattern, often with thrift-store yarn, and then the leader of the group took them to the local women's shelter, where they were always much appreciated. Some women also knitted them at home. She said that they lasted just about as long as most women stayed at the shelter.


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