Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Long Walk

Sandy and I took a lovely long walk this morning. The weather was spring-like, with no wind, blue skies and bright sun. We walked down the long hill to the main road, and back, and then out to the end of the gravel, and back. I looked for things new and things old. Here's some new life sprouting on a little branch.
This tree is decorated for the holidays, it seems -- dangling adornment on every twig!
These are the tiniest pine cones I've ever seen. I'm not exactly sure they are cones. Adorable!
Dogwood buds, about to burst.
Evergreen branches, but what are the little white specks? Does this bode well for the plant, or ill?
People here love their stone walls. This one is beginning to fall down, but is still beautiful.
Sandy found many things to sniff. I'm convinced if dogs had developed the internet, we'd all be smelling things, instead of watching/listening to them.
Our lane is narrow and its shadows lend a grace to our little end of the world.
Many trees cling to the eroding hillsides like this.
We live in a near-rain forest environment, and mosses and lichens flourish.
We also have rhododendrons, oh! do we have rhododendrons! They're all budding out now, and their leaves droop like a bloodhound's ears.
This rhododendron's leaf is as long as my finger.
This one's as long as my hand.
Little puffs of lichen grow right on the stony hillsides.
My mother's tulips are going gang-busters. They're lovin' the sunnin'. At this point in our long walk, after coming back up the long hill, Sandy wanted a pit stop for a drink of water, so I sat down in a lawn chair.
Then we were off again, and I noticed that last fall's beauty was still intact, in spite of winter's attacks. Note this elegant spray of fuzziness.
Is this a type of hydrangea? How do those pedals hang on, thin and sere as the Ancient Mariner's sails?
We recall when this tree was standing, and then dead, and then pushed over, and finally cut off at the stump. I placed my cell phone there so you can tell how huge it was.
Our handyman neighbor has been adding to his split-rail fence, which enhances our road and makes every one happy. I enjoy it each time I take a walk.
Home again! When Sandy saw the house, she bolted for the yard in eager anticipation of seeing
Grandmother again. I suspect Grandmother is the source of all puppy joy.
If you haven't had a good long walk with a fine dog lately, I encourage you to strap on your tennies, pick out a good stick for thrashing evil neighbor dogs, and set out. As some hobbit once said, you never know what you'll find, when you set out from your door.

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  1. Awwww! Sandy is SO cute! What a good girl!
    Your mom's house is so lovely!


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