Thursday, February 9, 2012

Fun at Church

Today was Mr. Harry's 90th birthday. Yes, I put this picture first because I knew it would lure you in! Isn't this cake lovely? Strawberries are the most yummy fruit, I think.
The strawberries conceal a chocolate cake, always a winner. But this cake below -- I could smell its deliciousness from several feet away. Then I knew it was fine. The buttercream frosting on this baby? Oh! To die for, as they say~!
Here's Mr. Harry, neighbor, friend, dear fellow and brother in the Lord. That's his wife and daughter next to him. (Sorry so fuzzy)
What else is going on at the church, besides a birthday, you ask? Blooms! Lots of blooms! Here's the purple phlox:
The white phlox is not quite as brilliant.
This flowering quince is bursting with spring-time joy.
Happy birthday, Mr. Harry! Happy spring, everyone!


  1. As I am commenting, I'm also looking down at Sandy's cute little face. Smile! She is so beautiful!
    Well, it looks like a few cake-bakers LOVE Harry! Those are perfect cakes!

  2. Oh those cakes! How many layers of cakes?!


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