Friday, February 3, 2012

Little Wonders

Julia got a necklace for Christmas -- a frog made of some sort of stone. She loved it, but when it accidentally tapped against something one day, its leg broke off :(   Yesterday, I found this china cement of Mother's. I wondered ...
It was runny and unconvincing, but I held it together until it could set up.
And now it's as good as new! Julia is happy. She has her frog back. Elmer's China Cement is a little wonder!
Another flower, this time in pale yellow. It's an interesting yarn -- I need thin yarn for these flowers, if I don't want them to be monstrous in size. This is a crinkly yellow yarn. I like how it turned out. Still, it's larger than the pink one. I think these crocheted flowers are little wonders too. Someday I want to make a grand bouquet of them, on stiff floral wire for stems, and put them in a vase.

I'm on the lookout for flower blossoms. The weather is warm enough that Adam's bees are leaving the hives, using up precious energy to look for nectar. I hate the idea of the little forager bees, flying all over the county, hunting for food that's not there yet!! Bless them. But Mother's camellia is blooming, and here is her flowering quince. I've also heard that forsythia is beginning to bloom, and the daffodils are almost there. Hang on, bees! It's coming!
Of course, a bee is a little wonder, a powerhouse of energy and efficiency.
Quince is one of the most delicate, elegant flowers. In an arrangement, it always looks so Japanese to me.

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  1. Your flowers are getting prettier and prettier! Oh, the bees are hopeful. I have a snow day today. Bill is out shoveling heaps and heaps of it. Spring will be most welcome here!


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