Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Daffodils, Brie and Honey

Mother cut her daffodils and brought them inside. She's an inside-flower kind of gal, and I'm a "No! Don't cut them!" kind of gal. They are so beautiful, sunny, happy. Little explosions of sun.
Adam has been wanting a "bread supper" for a while now. So he made 2 baguettes, found a cheap round of brie cheese in Asheville ($2!!) and made some pitas. Who eats pitas when there are baguettes? We also have a delish salad.

Fresh baguette with brie and homemade strawberry jam. Ahhhh --
The weather has been a bit warm, and at 54ยบ, the bees start to forage and fly. Today Adam went to check on the bees. Two hives are alive and thriving; two are dead from the winter. He removed some honey from the hives. The bucket weighs about 20 pounds, and he estimates that about 15 pounds of that is honey. It will need to be filtered, of course. He'll also save the wax, and I intend to make some more of my "Dama's Bee Cream."  Remember that?
Anyway, here's the raw stuff he pulled from the hives. Not very pretty.
The comb is dark because it was used for other things than just honey storage. This honey won't have that incomparable taste -- like eating a creamy version of a field of flowers. This honey was made with sugar water that he fed them last fall, so it will taste like honey, but not quite the best. This summer, we'll get the really good stuff.

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