Saturday, February 25, 2012

Friday Fun

On our weekly trip to town, I found a most lovely pair of shoes. I'm not a fashion-lover, but I am a shoe-woman. I have to avoid them; they are so tempting. These pumps have just about the perfect shape, for me. Nicely shaped toe, and the edge of the shoe is neither too high, nor too low, at the toe. The heel is lovely also, but I can't wear heels that high, with my tender feet. Alas. The color? A bit bright, but I can honestly use some bright in my wardrobe.
I put them on, just to take a picture so I could remember how cute they are. A tad shiny. Then I placed them back on the shelf, and walked away. Sniff.
As usual, St. Philip's was our last stop of the day. We relax as we finger other people's cast-offs, and we don't even consider the slowly-melting ice cream in the car :) On the counter, I spied this cute little item. It's silver, two pieces. The top has a filigree grate, and a very wide lip.
It lifts off the bottom piece, which is solid -- i.e., it does not unscrew. It has a rounded knob, which you see. Shaped rather like a top hat. What in the world is this contraption? It's beautiful, and its intricate construction shows that it's designed for some specific purpose. But Mother and I (and the two sales persons) had no idea. However ... I was sure that Ms. Karen, the proprietor of the shop, would know, and that she'd write it on the label, yes?

So - - - I know you're dying to know what Karen wrote on that label, right? I took a picture, because we all guffawed when I read it. It says, "Silverplate mystery whatsit." Hahahaha!!! She didn't know either. (Sorry the label pic is fuzzy. I was probably laughing too hard to hold still :)
On the way home, I talked with Adam. He told me we had some bad weather on the way. I looked into the sky, and lo-and-behold, I could see the front. The line of demarcation where the new, dark front begins, is fascinating to see.
When I got home, Adam was working on supper. He's been promising us crepes for weeks, and at last the time had arrived! You can make the crepes ahead of time, and simply reheat them quickly in a very warm skillet, when you're ready. A nice tip.
Yummy: strawberries, whipped cream, and nutella.

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