Sunday, February 12, 2012

Valentine Flower Pillow

I made this whoppin' big flower recently. Valentine colors, for a present at a Valentine party, for Julia. It's almost 8" across. I wanted to turn it into a "real" flower by inserting a piece of floral wire in the stem and the leaf, and then in the back of the flower. But the flower head is so large and heavy that I wasn't sure floral wire would be strong enough. Nobody wants a droopy flower!
So I turned it into a pillow instead :) All little girls would like a Valentine flower pillow, right?
Here's the back. I had some fun rainbow fabric that I sewed as the back, inserted batting for the filler, and then basted the stem and leaf on the back, for good measure. What do you think?
It's nice and poofy. And although it's rather big for a flower, it's rather small for a pillow.
The funny thing is, we went to the Valentine party, and in addition to all the tween-age girls, there were lots of moms/ladies there too. When we did the gift exchange, the pillow went to a good friend of mine, who's a grandma. I hope she doesn't mind a fuzzy/pink pillow!

Happy Valentine week, everyone.

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