Saturday, February 11, 2012

A Prayer Shawl

Is there anything nicer than getting a surprise package in the mail? Look what arrived for me, the other day:
It's a soft, beautiful shawl, made for me by my friend, L. She's part of a group of ladies at our old church, and they gather to knit and make shawls. I can't tell you the comfort and joy it gives me to know that these friends prayed for me. Each stitch of this shawl was made by my friend's hands. When I put it around my shoulders, I feel as if she's hugging me, from many miles away.
They call themselves "the String Section." Isn't that a great name?
Look at the beautiful pattern, and I love the color! Most of my shawls/wraps are rectangular, and I didn't realize how nice this triangular shape is -- it's not bulky at the elbows. It's designed to warm the neck, be long enough to stay in place, but free up the arms. Perfect for what I do all day.
Many, many thanks to my dear friends who are praying. We miss you.

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