Wednesday, February 1, 2012

This and That

Knitting group today. We got so much done! Advice on blocking a scarf to solve rolling edges, learning a better casting on stitch, making gifts for friends, and one friend is making a "potato chip scarf"! Never a dull moment with these ladies.
This knitting friend finished her "swirly-twirly scarf" for a family member. This is the coolest yarn. Isn't it gorgeous?
There are sparklies in it!
Today, Adam spent hours working on the cover of my book. He's doing it in a photoshopping program, and learning how to manipulate the pictures to get the result he wants. He needed a picture of a round table, with certain objects -- a photo you can't just lift off of google! So I went downstairs and "staged" the photo myself, in my parents' breakfast room. You'll have to wait to see the finished product, but I think it's looking great.
Julia is reading Alice's Adventures in Wonderland for literature right now, and she's doing artwork to correspond. Here's her rendition of Alice, falling down the well:

She's loving doing all this detail; it's her cup of tea. Alice is gripping a jar of orange marmalade on the way down.

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