Saturday, February 11, 2012

Things in the Mountains

We went to visit our buddy, Becket. She's a bloodhound puppy.
She has a precious face, and I'm not even that fond of hounds. Last time Julia saw her, Becket was so little. Now she's almost as tall as the girl!
We did our usual Friday shopping, and stopped in at St. P's. This is ... I'm not even sure what to say about it. A lamp? A mannequin? That's black fish-net draped over the head, by the way. And the little card on the lamp stand says, "Retreau Tableau."  Hahahaha!!!
I was sitting inside this morning in my bath robe, all cozy in my room, when Adam came back upstairs from taking the dog out. "You'd better come with your camera right now, or you're gonna regret it!!" (He knows that my greatest fear is to regret something, so this motivates me when nothing else will.) I stepped out in my bedroom slippers to see the sight:  red morning fog. By the time I got there it was only deep pink fog:
The fog in the mountains is pretty normal. This strip of mountain range is west of us, so this is not the sunrise. Well, in a way it is. The sun rises in the east, and shines over on these high mountains across the valleys, and turns the morning fog red with its light. Odd.

I snapped this photo this week along a neighboring river. Now that Old Man Winter has returned, and the winds are howling and the windows are shuddering, this water looks cold to me.
Have a blessed Sunday.

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