Thursday, February 16, 2012


Please notice, over on the right ---->
that I have a POLL for you to take!
It's anonymous :)
Please only vote once.
I'm publishing a small book of poetry on Smashwords
For Free!!

But it needs a name. So help me choose one. Or if you loathe all of those choices, then leave me a comment with your own, personal choice of title.



  1. How can I name a book when I haven't seen the inside to know it's personality?

  2. Well, that's a good question, Tanya! I can't really put all of the content here in one chunk, and I can't publish it on Smashwords until it has a name. So I'm stuck :) But it's basically a short book of about 20 poems, quite a few about nature, or love, or death. Usual fodder for poets.

  3. Think Frozen Night Windows will be sadly outnumbered, so thought I'd canvas a bit for it here!! Go, Windows! I did download the book, but haven't work out how to Kindlify it yet. Technology not my strong point- choosing poetry collection titles much more my forte!

  4. Mags, you're so funny!! :) It is confusing a bit, I think. I was trying to help a friend buy the book for her Ipad, and choose the correct format, etc. Hopefully by Monday, it'll be available on, and maybe people will find the whole purchasing process easier over there, especially if they've already bought things on Amazon. Thanks for voting!!

  5. I agree with Tanya. If I wrote a book of poems, I'd try to find a phrase in one of the poems to use for a title of the whole collection.

  6. GJ -- Good for you :) Actually, all these potential titles do come from the poems themselves. Adam and I both thought that would be the easiest way to find a title.


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