Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Blogasbord

Nothing particularly romantic here, except this story:

Richard and Mildred Loving -- What a great name for a love story! Back in the dark ages when interracial marriages were illegal, they were trail-blazers, insisting that they should be allowed to love, and marry, and have a family, like everyone else. I'd love to see the documentary about them.

Why French Parents Are Superior -- I found this article fascinating, and it resonated with the truth to me: that American parents are doing a bad job (generally) with their kids, and are mystified and frustrated because they're doing what the "experts" tell them. Great article.

Those Fudgey Employment Numbers -- Excellent WORLD Mag article by Cal Thomas about how the government is cooking the unemployment numbers, and leaving so many people out who are unemployed. Adam has found this to be true -- he's never included in these numbers either. Many Americans are left out of the stats.

Unemployed Young People -- Another discouraging article, I'm sorry to say. Young people are having trouble finding work. They, by the way, often aren't included in the stats either, if they weren't previously employed.

Katie's Journey -- What a beautiful post from our friend, Katie, who's adopted a bunch of orphaned African girls. Her self-examination here, her understanding of how God has to clean out our spiritual wounds. Why does God give such grief to someone who's already sacrificing so much for Him? Please read.

John's Journey -- John and Mary are friends of ours. I love Mary's words here: "The Lord has us hemmed in for a reason and we want to take full advantage of this life lesson." That's wisdom, from someone who knows intimately the Lord's hand on them.

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  1. Oh but MK I was dtermined to get right up right now and clean the bathroom but then you were next on the blogroll and I can't not read you and here are very tantalising articles- especially the French parenting one and I have to STEP AWAY FROM THE KEYBOARD!


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