Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Comfort Read

This is my little post for today. My computer has been acting up, and Dr. Adam has been on the phone with Apple Tech Support today. Ugh. It's ... working, so far, but I don't have my Iphoto up yet, so ... NO pictures :(
However! I want to do a linking post over to Sandra's blog at Thistle Cove Farm. She's doing a give-away of a favorite book, and I'm shamelessly getting an extra chance to win it, by doing this linky blog!! Here's the book she's giving away:
Does everyone have "comfort books" that they return to over and over again? I wonder. I know I have a few, and that they tend to change over the years. In my 20s, I read Gifts of the Child Christ many times. In the past 15 years or so, A Tuscan Childhood and Country of the Pointed Firs have become oft-visited literary locations for me. They are truly little get-aways, locations that I long to travel to in my mind, when I need a place familiar and comforting to me. When life is hectic, sad, or chaotic, a comfort book is a balm to the soul. What are your comfort books? And if you have one, click on over to Sandra's post and leave a comment there, to win this lovely book.


  1. Hi MK! I like your idea of having an informal blog party related to our summer joys. I'll think about that! My computer is fizzling out. I need a new one, so I can relate to your tech woes today!
    I have that book (the one Sandra is giving away) so I am going to browse through it again. My favorite A.S. book is Living a Beautiful Life.
    My comfort books: The Wind in the Willows (ha ha shocker!) and The Shell Seekers and September AND Harriet the Spy.

  2. Some of my comfort books: Papa's Wife by Thyra Bjorn, Madeleine L'Engle's Crosswicks Journals, Tapestry by Edith Schaeffer, Make Way for Lucia by E.F. Benson.

  3. My comfort books are usually Gladys Taber and I'm itching to read something by Bess Streeter Aldrich right now.

  4. Ooo - thanks, ladies! These are ones I need to check out. I haven't read any of them, except Papa's Wife, many years ago. Schaeffer and L'Engle are both excellent too. So many to choose from! That's why I feel a bit guilty when I read the same old ones over and over, instead of branching out and reading new ones :)


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