Friday, June 15, 2012

Prayer Shawl Ministry

I've been meaning to show you some of what we're doing at the prayer shawl ministry. These ladies make such lovely things! This one shows a pattern that I want to use NEXT, after I get done with all the projects I have going right now. Too many! But isn't it a gorgeous pattern?
Here are some of the ladies. Most of them really didn't want their picture taken. They are simple ladies who do extraordinary things.
Sweet colors, nimble fingers, generous hearts.
There's a good combination of knitting and crochet. Lots of patterns being shared, examined and discussed. Everyone's excited to start a new shawl and rather tired of the old one they've almost completed.
When the shawls are finished, we lay them out on a long table, gather around it, place our hands on the shawls, and pray for their recipients, asking God's love and comfort to be given to them, and for the shawls to be a vehicle of comfort and grace to them.
I received a prayer shawl from dear friends, and until then, I really didn't understand what a wonderful ministry it is. I'm so grateful for an opportunity to be involved in this.


  1. Wow! Look at all that talent! I love the colors, too! I love shawls and the prayer shawl concept is so loving. Do you go to the water to crochet?

  2. It's so beautiful to be able to use creativity to bless others! It's a double blessing for the giver and receiver!

  3. Lisa, this is such a rewarding ministry, and it serves to bond the ladies there together too, when they sit around doing loving things, and pray together nearly every week. Just wonderful. Pom -- they have a closet full of yarn (most donated for the ministry) of many colors, so you can pick which color you want to use next. It's a great system!


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