Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Rest of that Ride

More on Philip's and my bike ride the other night. At first we stopped at the park. We met a lovely doggie named Ginger. What a sweetie! So friendly and well-mannered, and when her owner rattled a treat in his pocket, she trotted away to him.
I stopped to examine one Oriental feature I'd noticed in passing before. This sign indicates that Oriental is full of Artesian wells. How interesting! We lived in Prattville, Alabama years ago too, which had many of these wells.
Here's the well next to the sign, surrounded by an old concrete seat. What small-town life!
Then Philip led me across the BIG road (two lanes - haha!) to the public water access. It has a few floating docks that get pretty rocky when the river is choppy. We parked our bikes there.
One floating dock is right near the big bridge over the Neuse River.
Here's how the corners of this wooden dock work. The dock itself slides up and down on the thick pilings, which are firmly in the river bed.
We took quite a few pictures of the sunset, which occurred as we were standing there enjoying the breeze.
Seaweed of some sort, I suppose. I couldn't resist the texture of this photo, with the weed and the water and the reflection.
This is a mimosa tree. Most of them are pink, and boy are they magnificent right now! I need to get more pics of a few. But this one is white. I was intriqued.
Here's a close-up. Not a tree you'll see in cold Northern climes, I think.

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