Saturday, June 2, 2012

"... Happy Birthday to Me ..."

Somebody had a birthday! I'm not getting any younger, but at least I'm having fun while I'm getting older! Adam took me out to eat. It can be tough picking a restaurant when you're new in town. We'd heard "Silos" was a fairly good place, and it's only about one minute from our house.

And, now you know why it's called "Silos"! The silo on the right is actually a little store with specialty foods. The restaurant is upstairs, on the left.
We hadn't had a steak in ... months? Hard to remember. And their steaks were only about a dollar more than their super burgers, so why not? This is a sirloin, with very good onion rings (we consider ourselves rather onion ring connoisseurs), Parmesan bites, and grilled zucchini. This plate cost $12.99, for anybody considering a visit to Oriental soon. Excellent deal. I ate every morsel. And guess which was the most delicious thing on this plate? You'll never guess ... the zucchini! Yep, it was. Hot and full of flavor. It was all great.

We rolled out of Silos and went for a drive around town. I took Adam to the floating dock I showed you yesterday. But today the river was rollicking and the dock was pitching. He tried to stand out there, but didn't stay long. Here's one of those awkward I'll-take-this-couple-photo-myself pictures. The wind was definitely UP.

We came home to these two cohorts in crime. What mischief were they up to, while we were gone? (Besides cooking supper and doing their own dishes ....)

They made me a birthday cake.  Awwww. (Momma heart melts just a little.) Philip sent Julia to the store to buy the mix and icing and candy. I tell you this: I'd rather have this simple cake, made for me by my own kids, on their own initiative, than the fanciest cake from a fancy-shmancy bakery. This is a cake made with love.

I miss Anna and Peter. But otherwise, it was a very fine birthday indeed.


  1. Happy birthday to you, MK! I love your pink cake. I've been wanting a bit of cake and I think I shall have some today, in honor of the Queen's Jubilee and YOU! (BIG HUG for you, sweet friend!)
    Oh, I do love a good onion ring, too!

  2. Aw, it warms my heart that you get to be in such an exquisite new home for this birthday! That picture of you and Adam is adorable...I miss you both. I'm so glad your day was so lovely!


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