Thursday, June 14, 2012

More Dragon-Hunting

I only thought I'd captured all the Oriental dragons on film. Everywhere I glanced, while wobbling along on my bike, I kept spotting news ones in people's yards. Here's one scary-looking fellow:
This dragon-sun-dial looks pretty grumpy at having a flat disc weighing on his neck for eternity. New level of Dante's Inferno?
I love this little brass dragon curling around in mid-air on a front porch. Cute!
At first I thought this was just a mangled piece of tree trunk, left as yard art. No! It's a dragon! Doing a swirly dance for the neighborhood!
This dragon has active wings for flying away. I like the fire feature.
This is perhaps the biggest dragon statue in town, and very noticeable since it's in front of the the art gallery, right on the waterfront, next door to The Bean Coffee Shop. It only barely looks like a dragon ....
Until you get a look at his head. Interesting!


  1. strange how dragons have been coming across my path recently. your photos are lovely!
    you won the Alexandra Stoddard book at Thistle Cove Farm. please send your snail mail so I can mail it to you.

  2. Yippee!!!!! Email comin' your way :)


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