Monday, June 4, 2012

Goings-On in Oriental

It seems every weekend in Oriental is full of beauty and fun. On Saturday I finally captured the most outstanding hydrangeas in town, in pictures.
They're breath-taking! If I weren't already thoroughly enamoured with my new sunset picture above, these hydrangeas would be my new banner photo, for sure!
I think I've decided this is my favorite house in Oriental, for now :) About 15 farm houses in exactly this style, stand in Oriental. This is perhaps the finest; the porch railings are lovely. You can't see the lights flickering in the porch lamps, but they are welcoming. I'd put some shrubs around the foundation, and I imagine they used to be there, but Hurricane Irene may have ruined them.
I noticed they were setting up for a celebration of some sort at the River Neuse Inn and Suites. Probably a wedding ....
Yep, it was a wedding! When we rode our bikes by later, they reception was in full swing.
The bride and groom were having their photos taken in the park by the river.
I love living in this town! The people here come out and enjoy their space and share their celebrations with the community.
More later! Today I'm taking the kids to the beach. This time I will not get burnt. Yeah, right.

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  1. This must be an azalea year. Mine are as big as basketballs and turning pink.


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