Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Oh ... Pinterest!

I have Pinterest friends who post little sayings like these:

I read them, and just shake my head. Ain't happenin'.
I more identify with these fun ditties:

Pinterest is fun this way. People post SERIOUS stuff, but in the privacy of your own computing, you may giggle at them. For the runners of the world, I'm sure they're meaningful. Runners make one large error: they assume everyone is a runner, or can be. It just ain't so.
My husband (you'd never know this now ...) went to college on a full cross-country scholarship. Yeah, that chubby fellow up there :) He was mighty thin when I met him! He loves to evaluate the strides of runners we see, sweating along the road. Some have beautiful, smooth forward momentum. Some simply pound the pavement -- all the movement is up-and-down. Sometimes we painfully watch runners and we agree, "He would go faster if he walked!" Sometimes we note, "She's running as if her knees hurt." You can tell.

I ran once, for nine months. I got down to a size 6. It was fun for about a week, being that thin. But NO, IT WAS NOT WORTH IT. Not to me :) Swimming? Yay! Biking? Yay! Running? Bleh!

(Now I'm gonna go look for a blog label for this post. I don't have a label called "exercise" or anything close to it. That should tell me something!)


  1. LOL. Running is definitely not for everyone. I always say, there is no shame in walking - when some of my friends respond to my excitement over my latest running record by saying they just can't run, don't want to run, hate to run... I can totally relate to that. I used to hate it. And I may not continue with it forever. But for now I'm really enjoying it.

    I do find those motivational running statements on pinterest encouraging. But I also get a chuckle out of the other ones you posted. I love the scissors one. Cracks me up every time.

  2. I guess even dyed in the wool runners need wordy pick me ups, right?
    I love to run WHEN I'm used to it which hasn't happened for a good decade! It does feel good when it's over!

  3. where there's a will there's a way...watching the latest Extreme Makeover : Weight Loss Edition was a great reminder to me...that I CAN do it, even when I don't think I can take another step! :)

  4. I don't have an "exercise" label on my blog either. I LOVE to walk(every day) or bike. I wish I had a pool to swim in, but I don't. I do sometimes swim in the pond when the water is clean-ish.

  5. I tried to put "Excercise!" as my label, but blogger wouldn't allow me to use the exclamation point :) For me, exercise is always an exclamatory event!!! haha :) Bless all of you runners.


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