Saturday, June 16, 2012

It's a Doggish World Out There

While I sit at the farmer's market behind my table full of soap, I watch people and dogs. Oriental is chock full of people well worth watching: old codgers, codgers-in-the-making, weary-looking boat people thin and tanned, spunky retirees on bikes. And dogs. Lots of dogs.
I met this Airedale today. He's a fine specimen. Almost all dogs are on leashes. This helps them keep their masters in check.

Joysie came by to visit. He is precious in his pouch.
And a Dalmation! You don't see those everyday!
These two worthless scavengers come to the market every week with two old men. The men themselves are worth a short story, but the dogs are such characters. About half the dogs in town are some variation of this: largish, beigish, slobbering, friendly.
I forget this girl's name. She was shy.
Oops. No dog. But a tandem bike is worth a picture too!
This friendly fellow came sniffing my soaps. Like all the other men in town, I think he supposed it was fudge. My soap is selling well, but I do believe if I made fudge, I'd make a fortune!
That's all for the dogs, folks. I'm off to the mountains tomorrow with Julia so she can go to camp. I will get to rest at my parents' home, which will be very nice. Toodles!


  1. Oh good! You'll have a rest from all the unpacking and moving in! I love all the dogs, but my favorite pup was not included. Sad face. Are you taking Sandy up to see her grandparents, too?

  2. Oh we love campng- hope it has been fabulous! Dogs,mmm. Have met one wth whom I can happily sit, and one, very recently, whom I might actually adore!

  3. I'm being a veggie, Mags, while Julia is at camp. I'm enjoying my mom's food and cleaning her kitchen afterward - haha! Sorry, Pom, about not including Sandy! I should have. :)


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