Monday, June 18, 2012

Julia Goes to Camp

I almost didn't take photos on this, the first day of Julia's sixth year at camp. But then I thought: these may be important photos, 40 years from now! How much inconvenience is it, to take a few shots? So I did. Here she is with Emily, her counselor from last year too. Julia's very happy to get her again. Emily is her favorite counselor ever.
The camping cousins, in order from the top down: Julia, Nathan, Justice, Clark, Honor. Four of these kids were all born within 6 months of each other. Honor is just a year younger. They're a pretty tight-knit group. I do feel a bit sorry for the poor male counselor who gets ALL FOUR of those boys in his tent this week.
Julia in her cabin, making the bed.
Her little roost for the week:
Max at lunch today, prepping mangos. They were very delicious. He drove all the boys here for camp week.
My mother's flowers in the front circle. I think they're larkspur, but I really have no idea.
I'm here for the week while Julia has fun at camp. I'll be transporting Peter to college for his orientation, and doing other interesting things. Stay tuned!


  1. Maybe you and your nice mama should watch the old Disney "The Parent Trap" one evening. It's SO sweet! (The whole camp thing, you know?)

  2. Haha -- Pom, last night mother and I watched 1/2 of a Miss Marple -- "The Body in the Library." I love Parent Trap - that movie is SO fun, but I doubt my mom would want to sit through it. I'd like to watch it again. I LOVE it when she cuts the back panel out of her sister's dress - heehee!!!


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