Friday, June 8, 2012

Fort Macon Beach, NC

On Monday the kids and I went back to the beach, but this time we decided to try out Fort Macon. It was highly recommended. Very nice dunes:
Julia enjoyed the ferry ride again. I must admit, it's one of my favorite parts of a trip to the beach.
Lots of shells and roaming along the sands. These were clinging to some large rocks that serve as a jetty into the ocean.

Philip took along his Kindle for some reading. Kindle-reading is another subject for another day, but I must say, I'm so thankful for a reading medium that is so appealing, convenient and doable for everyone, especially during travel. He keeps over 30 books on his Kindle. Imagine carrying that mini-library around with you, in hardback form?
I browsed for purple shells for a few minutes. So beautiful!
The rocks along the jetty.
It wasn't very hot, nor was it blazing sunny, but -- oh my! -- was it windy on Monday! A great day for a kite, if you have the skill.
Philip got our kite all the way out on its string. It was way up there!
Monday was the start of the last week of school, and three activity buses rolled up with a mess of kids who squealed and played and splashed and got whistled at by the life guard.
Long, lovely beaches. Fort Macon also has a large bathroom/shower/snack bar facility. Very nice, with long boardwalks and places to sit in the shade if you need to.
Julia boogie-boarded for a very long time. The current was strong and kept carrying her down the beach a long way. Then she'd trudge back to me and start over. That board she's holding? The sea snapped it in two a few minutes later.
This was a large shell pair, still attached -- as big as my palm.

I had to take a picture of this little sign on the ferry. You don't see the word "muster' in daily use much anymore, do you?


  1. Oh, that looks like a VERY fun day! I love the sea so very much. I miss it. We'll go up into the mountains tomorrow and I like them second best.

  2. Pom, I feel exactly the same way! I love the mountains very much, but I love the sea more.


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