Thursday, June 21, 2012

Peter Goes to the Deep Mountains

Today I took Peter further into the N. Carolina mountains - to Western Carolina University for his Orientation. I sneaked one photo of him. I have to sneak them with Peter.
This neck of the woods has beautiful lakes, soaring mountains, curvy roads.
Even the campus offers such views! Look at those distant mountains!
Peter probably won't be spending much time on this end of campus. He's a naturally athletic fellow, but he doesn't go to many games, and apparently they don't have a soccer team.
This will be his part of campus -- the main quad and the honors college area. Isn't it wonderful? We were both happy :) That building in the middle of the photo is his cafeteria, the Courtyard.
These two dormitories are for honors college students. I'm so happy Peter will be staying there.
This is the big, um, what do you call it? I guess this is the Quad, the courtyard, the square (except it's round). Very nice. I picture hundreds of students here, resting, studying, talking, texting, dashing to class.
Peter perused this and found it very fine indeed. I go pick him up tomorrow!


  1. YAY for Peter! Congrats - Trudi

  2. Wow! What a scenic place! Hope Peter is enjoying the orientation.

  3. Beautiful! He's going to love it!
    Those views = swoon!


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