Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Wrong Time of Year

I can't resist crocheting. I know it's not the right time of year to make shawls, but I'm doing it anyway.
I finished this one this past week. It's the same pattern (from Garn Studios) that I'm using for the yellow prayer shawl I'm making. On the prayer shawl, I followed the pattern and used a tiny little hook. And it's taking forever. On this one, I used a massive K hook, and I used some really crazy yarn that a friend gave me; it's fuzzy eyelash yarn. I thought, "I might as well use it for something, instead of letting it sit around." So I did. And it turned out better than I thought!
Still, no one's buying shawls in 90ยบ weather on the coast, ya know? I think I'll stash it away for selling in the autumn.
Up close, the pattern looks like chaos:
I also made a little "shrug" (Is that the right term?) this past week. Just a sweet, over-the-shoulder thing. I worked on it at the park and took a pic of it on this pretty chair, still unfinished.
Very meshy and open-weave. Light and perfect for summer wear. It goes with anything.
Here's the pattern up close. I adjusted the shape, because I didn't want a triangular shawl this time. I like how it tapers to each end.
Then I added little beads -- 35 of them on each end, with a little picot trim. Love this! If nobody wants to buy it, I think I'll just enjoy it myself. Thank you, Hunter, for giving me this fun yarn (really, kind of a thick string?) when I saw you last! I loved working with it!
And this is just a personal lovey note to all my precious hand-work friends in Brevard:  "I miss you! I love you! See, I'm still at it!" I'm enjoying my prayer shawl group and the new friends I'm meeting here, but there's nothing quite like a perfect little group of ladies who just "hit it off." Boy, do I miss y'all!

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  1. MK, Iknow I can count on you to make something beautiful out of a giveaway! Madeleine and I appreciate what you do with the yarn.
    The shawls are wonderful. We haven't met to knit lately, but we all miss you terribly.


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