Friday, June 22, 2012

Victoria's Closet

In Cashiers, NC there's a gorgeous boutique you'll want to visit if you're in the area. Victoria's Closet  is an upscale resale shop. It's very large, but they keep the decor appealing, cozy and fun. Three floors of elegance and style! And at bargain prices. Every day, they have full price (but remember, these are resale, so even "full" price is a great deal), half price, and 75% off.
Cute mountain decor, even at the front door!
A full bed of roses greet you in the parking lot.
See what I mean about cute?! This is the lounging area, for any shoppers that have just worn themselves out with the fun.
It's mildly glitzy, adorable, sparkly, and soothes the savage beast in the best of women.
Lots of fun jewelry. A separate next-door building for shoes and handbags. AND another building next to that -- VC for Men -- that has men's resale items! Now those are hard to find!
This item is what forced me to pull out my camera and do this post. This hard purse bodice sits on the check-out counter. When they ring up the items, they tear the tag in half (to keep track of items for their consigners), and they drop the tabs in this purse. I giggled :)
You should stop by, you really should! Victoria's Closet is loads of fun, and you'll save a bunch of cash while buying fabulous fashions.

(Victoria's Closet didn't pay me a thing to write this post. I did it because I really liked that place!)


  1. It looks VERY fun! I love the photos! Did you buy anything?

  2. Well, yes, I must admit that I convinced myself that it was okay to buy, but ONLY if all items were 75% off :) And I found five things that I really like! Maybe I should do a blog post on them?

  3. Sounds like my kind of store....not sure if I would be saving money though making a trip from PA to shop there! Would love to "see" what you bought!


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