Wednesday, June 6, 2012

"Down By the Riverside"

We weren't singing that song, but we went down by the riverside the other day. In fact, we go down by the riverside most days! I don't know who this girl is, but I had to snap her picture, sitting in this chair, because her posture exemplifies the relaxed, happy attitude of those who sit by the Neuse.
Across from the river's edge, on the lawn in front of a pretty brick home, a group of people were playing croquet. Many sat on the veranda cheering them on. One lady was dressed in a fairy-princess dress. Interesting.
She also had fairy wings on her back, and a magic wand stuck in her headband.
I remember hearing about this rather-famous croquet match, while at the farmer's market on Saturday. A group of friend/neighbors gather each year for this competition. The winner of the previous year's croquet event must wear a costume. He/she doesn't know what the costume will be, until arriving at the match. This lady came off rather easy, I think. Another lady once had to wear a bumblebee costume!
Sandy enjoys relaxing in her daddy's lap. She's such a cuddly dog!
I have to be sneaky in photographing Julia. I pretended to point the camera at the river, or the girl in the chair, and then at the last minute, I snapped a photo of Julia instead. Classic disgusted look.
Sandy loves her time by the riverside. She got to play ball with Philip. And even though she's a Sheltie, she retrieves!! Lacey never would do that. The two doggies next door behind their fence were jealous to see her playing ball with her boy, while they could only watch.  Poor things. They may have a riverside home, a lawn, and their own dock, but what's all that, if you don't have a boy???

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  1. So very lovely, feel that sunny heat! Happy, happy belated birthday, happy girl!


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