Monday, June 25, 2012

My Famous Brother

My brother Max will probably dislike that blog title, but hey! --when your own family-run business is on the front of a beautiful state magazine, that's something for your sister to crow about!
This isn't the first time that Max and Anne's blueberry farm has been written about in the public sphere. They've been in newspapers, and even a TV news clip, but I think this may be the first color magazine article. Plus -- of all the very-lovely photographs in a magazine chock full of lovely photographs, they picked Max & Anne's berries to be on the front cover!
Here's a few other pages from the spread. In the left photo, you can see the sloped edges of the massive nets that they drape over acres of berry bushes. They also have a small patch of raspberries for picking.
The family on the front porch. They look so much more ... um, ... settled and posed than they usually do -- haha!!
(I'd be negligent if I did not say that those four children work mighty hard on the farm too!)
Max and Anne have done a tremendous job finding that balance between a professionally-run operation, and a home-spun feel for the customers. Here's Max in the weighing/paying shed. They're organized and customer-friendly, but never an iota more commercial than is absolutely necessary. It's a farm and a home.
Alrighty. Anybody need some food inspiration to get you hungry today? Here's a lunch I had day-after-delicious-day at my parents' house: rotiserrie chicken salad from Ingles, fresh tomatoes, lettuce, all on Mother's homemade wheat/walnut bread. So good.
Go make you some!
I'm just posting these again because they are so beautiful.
I did come back home with a bag full of fresh blueberries. Have a  grand summer day!


  1. Oh, I'd LOVE to visit your brother's blueberry farm! They look like a lovely family!
    Yum! Yum! Your mama is a good hostess!
    I'm glad you're back! I missed you!

  2. Pom, you really would love the farm, if you EVER get to W.Va. for a visit :) It's a perfectly lovely place. I bet there are fairies hiding among the raspberries!


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