Thursday, June 14, 2012

Pinterest Food

Gotcha!You clicked over here just to see the food, didn't you?
This is Pinterest Food. Mmmmm -- looks good, doesn't it? Gooey, shiny, chocolatey.  Get your spoon away from the screen, silly!
But as usual, I have a bone to pick. Essentially, food is NOT -- it is NOT! -- visual.
Much as I might wish too, I can't eat with my eyes.
Pinterest is a website designed to lure you in by the eyeballs. A recent photo of Hugh Jackman is a good example. I resisted placing it here on this post, because then none of you would have noticed the food -- haha!
But seriously, people! The food may look great -- but the test is in the eating. I did try one -- one, mind you -- Pinterest recipe ("Best cookies ever! And only four ingredients!" What foolishness), and it was a disappointment.
So I've decided to gaze upon Pinterest food for entertainment purposes only. I may even read the recipe, and if it looks sufficiently challenging enough, and has complex ingredient combinations, I might try it. But I'll turn my eyeballs off first.

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