Monday, June 4, 2012

The Provision Company

Philip is working at the Inland Waterway Provision Company for the summer.He really likes it. It's a small, down-home, local store that provides everything you'd need to outfit or repair your sailboat, plus other odds and ends. It's right by the harbor, at the heart of town.
Philip has spent quite a few years doing summer camp/child care every summer, and honestly, he was very ready for a change. This job has been a great change! Last week, he got to help take a new battery out to a 40' sailboat -- a massive, heavy battery. They took it out in a dinghy, and he got to see the inside of the sailboat. By the end of the summer, he'll know quite a bit about boats, I think!
The sign outside the Provision Company during Tropical Storm Beryl

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  1. Oh, that's fun! He'll feel more and more capable. I always admire "boat confidence" and one must have repeated experiences with boats to acquire it!


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